Ultrasound therapy is most widely employed by physical therapists, and has been an extremely popular therapy since the 1950s. When ultrasound propagates through tissue, biophysical effects of both thermal and non-thermal mechanical interactions take place at the same time.

Thermal Effects of Therapeutic Ultrasound
Ultrasound energy is absorbed by the tissue results in the conversion of ultrasonic energy to heat. Thermal effects of ultrasound upon tissue may include increased blood flow, reduction in muscle spasm, increased extensibility of collagen fibers and a pro‐inflammatory response. However, excessive thermal effects, seen in particular with higher ultrasound intensities, may damage the tissue.

Non-thermal Effects of Therapeutic Ultrasound
Non-thermal effects of ultrasound can be divided into generating acoustic cavitations, the formation of tiny gas bubbles as a result of ultrasound vibration, and other mechanical effects. The cavitations can be classified into stable cavitations and unstable cavitations.
Stable cavitations are described in which the bubble is forced to oscillate its size and shape due to the change of ultrasonic pressure. Acoustic streaming, localized liquid flow around the vibrating bubbles, is another major effect. It can be distinguished between bulk streaming and micro-streaming. It is the micro-streaming that can only alter cell membrane permeability and stimulate the cell activity.
Unstable cavitations are described in which the bubble collapses rapidly and produces a shock wave with very high local temperature increase which produces toxic free radicals in the tissue.

Articular cartilage called shock absorber, since there is no direct blood supply, it is generally hard to be repaired itself when injured. Although there have been several approaches to the repair of injured articular cartilage, current medical treatment is not able to give patients satisfactory treatment.

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Ultrasound treatment highlights:

Ultrasound stimulates the production of more collagen which exists in soft tissue such as tendons and ligaments. Hence ultrasound accelerates the proliferative phase of tissue healing.

Abstract on Ultrasound stimulates the production of types I and III collagen in tendon cell

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Abstract on Ultrasound stimulation on types I and III collagen expression of tendon cell and regulation of transforming growing factor β (TGF-β)

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LIPUS is one of the physical agents that known to accelerate bone and tissue regeneration following injury (Heckman, Ryaby et al. 1994; Lu, Qin et al. 2006).

LIPUS has been accepted as an effective therapy for nonunion fractures and fresh fracture healing through an easy and non-invasive application (Azuma, Ito et al. 2001; Schortinghuis, Bronckers et al. 2005)

LIPUS has positive effects on axonal regeneration by in vivo peripheral nerve injury trials (Crisci and Ferreira 2002; Chang, Hsu et al. 2005).

Raso (Raso, Barbieri et al. 2005) have demonstrated that the locally applied ultrasound stimuli on the injured sciatic nerve rather than the untreated nerves of rats can effectively enhance the number of Schwann cell nuclei.

LIPUS has been used in conjunction with tissue engineered nerves in repairing peripheral nerve defects, Chang (Chang, Hsu et al. 2005) demonstrated that applying LIPUS on seeded Schwann cells within poly (D, L-lactic acid-co-glycolic acid) conduits have a significantly greater number and area of regenerated axons compared to the sham groups.

Ultrasound therapy does not have Anti-inflammatory effects, please don’t stop your medical advice.

(Golf & Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Plantar, Fasciitis...etc those terms of disease do not use for advertising, please consult doctor. )