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腰痛、背痛、腰背痛 (back pain)


肌腱通-超聲波治療儀 Bio-838 高性能比媲診所專業儀器。1Mhz的胍衝重覆性週期高達每秒100次;連環高密度胍衝為更低反射達致更高生物吸收效應。

Nwuga VC
Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation [1983, 64(2):88-89]
Type: Clinical Trial, Controlled Clinical Trial, Journal Article
The efficacy of ultrasound therapy in the management of back pain resulting from rupture of the intervertebral disc was evaluated in 3 groups: treatment, placebo, and control. Range of motion of total flexion and extension, total side flexion and total rotation of the lumbar spine, and subjective assessment of pain were used as criteria to determine the efficacy of treatment. Group comparisons showed statistical significance in favor of the treatment group (p 0.01), leading to the conclusion that ultrasound therapy is significantly effective in the treatment of back pain resulting from prolapse of the lumbar intervertebral disc.